Tempos for U2 songs

On this page you'll find the tempo for U2 songs. That can be a great help for finding the delay times. I've used the free software called MixMeister BPM Analyzer, but I can't say that all are absolutely correct. But from what I've heard the results are usually on the money. There is no point in super accurate numbers like 88.78, so I've chosen the closest.

I've also included the delay times which are corresponding to the bpms. These are just taken straight from Jason's DelayTimeCalculator, and are only there for easy reference. Sometimes it's also great to have the tunings available, so I've included them. Remember that I've used the tracks that are on the mentioned albums, and songs can have different tempos and tunings on other live versions. A little info on delay from Mr. Edi:

"It's the rhythmic subdivision. 1/4 means that if you play a note on beat 1 and
3, you'll hear the repeats on beat 2 and 4 (i.e. new years day). 1/8 means that if you play a
note on 1, 2, 3 and 4, you'll hear the delay on 1and, 2and, 3and and 4and (i.e. I will
follow). Dotted eight means that if you play 8 notes you hear 16th notes, or if you play a note
on one, you hear the repeat on 1e-an-d (that is the 4th 16th of beat 1, and it's also the
most frequent delay edge uses, i.e. Bad, Streets, Pride etc)."

Go here for Edi's fantastic backings: http://www.edgewannabe.net/u2.html
And you may also want to visit my main site. <EWB>

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Under a blood red sky  
The unforgettable fire  
The Joshua tree  
Rattle and hum  
Achtung baby  
All that you can't leave behind  
How to dismantle an atomic bomb  
B-sides 1980-1990  
B-sides 1990-2000  
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Jason's Delay Calculator Here
A delay calc spreadsheat (Lyle) Here
Chart for Edi's backings Here

Jason and Lyle's mod delay round-up

Ok, here are the clips from the big mod delay roundup. Jason and Lyle Caldwell have collaborated to make a comparison of different delay units, using Jason's Bad clip. Jason eats delay units for breakfast, so he's the right man for the job. The dry clip is also available, a great free lesson of how to play 'Bad. '

Jason's units Info
01. Dry clip
02. Korg A3 Yes
03. Korg SDD2000
04. Korg DL8000R
05. Digitech TSR12
06. TC 2290
Eventide Eclipse (Caldwell) Yes
01. Modern 8

02. Modern dotted

03. Vintage 8
04. Vintage dotted