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Welcome to my website

My name is Kjetil Gilje and I live in Stavanger, Norway. This is a site I made just for fun. I don't have a lot to add to the enourmous Web, but at least there are some info on my interests. So if you somehow found this site you can see what music and books I like. Or you can take a look at my guitars.

Read more about me by following the link in the navigation section.

I really appreciate comments and questions from anyone, so if you want you can contact me on:

Some Muse PODxt patches

A very funny article on Bono and Canada. Kick his butt, B-man.

David Eugene Edwards on the right.

"News" (haha, far between the updates here)

May 31st 2009: Time for an update. I updated the guitar section. I'm having some nice relaxing days after a busy week. A new telecaster, French Open on the TV, sunny weather and a great book, 'The blade itself' by Joe Abercrombie. Other than that I enjoy listening to the new Doves album, 'Kingdom of rust' and U2's October.

August 28th 2008: I got the Fractal Audio Axe FX Ultra the day before I had my 30th birthday. Nice timing there, Mike!

January 28th 2007: A new year and an update. I had a great Christmas holiday with lots of music, gaming, reading and general procrastination. Had some great gaming sessions (FEAR Combat) with Jon and Rune. We all got to play some drums, to a varying degree of success. I read a bok, The Lies of Locke Lamora. Great book, and I'm looking forward to reading more by this author (Scott Lynch). I got my Triad pedal and a new guitar (Gretsch).

December 7th 2006: A few updates. The Woven Hand concert was mindblowing. Me and Torgeir got the best spot possible, maybe 2 meters from 'the DEE'. One of my best concert moments ever. The sound of a painfully cranked AC30 and downtuned Gretch guitars, his manic appearance and a great band... WOW. I've sold a few things and bought a electronic drum set. It's a Roland TD-6KW and I've had a lot of fun with it. I'm starting from scratch, but it was even more fun than I thought. I got a nice price second-hand, so it wasn't as big an investment as one might think. I uploaded some short guitar clips on the Rack site. Just a few samples of some sounds I get from my gear. Enough for now.

December 3rd 2006: Just a few days now! On Wednesday I will finally get to see one of my biggest heroes. David Eugene Edwards (Woven Hand and 16 Horsepower) will play at Folken in Stavanger. It's a dream come true. The last few weeks I've been to 2 concerts at Folken, first Kaizers Orchestra and then Thomas Dybdahl. My favourite was definetly Dybdahl this time. While I haven't really listened to 'Science' much yet, he had some new bandmembers that made the concert very different from the previous concerts I've seen. Not sure if it's my favourite Dybdahl concert, but the pedal steel guy certainly had a few moments of bliss inducing solos (huh? A bit too fancy, perhaps) And I also enjoyed the wild double-bass playing of the other new guy.

October 25th 2006 : I've updated the Gear/Home studio/Recordings sections. Also I've bought a Rocktron All Access!

August 9th 2006: Summer holiday! More than one week left luckily. Here are a few updates.

- Books: I read 2 books by Robert Wilson this summer (A small death in Lisbon, The blind man of Seville). My brother recommended them, and they didn't disappoint. Now I'm well into book 7 of the Wheel of Time series. I was shocked to find out that the author, Robert Jordan, is ill. In fact he has a deadly heart disease that might prevent him from finishing the series. He has started writing the final book, but it's probably difficult to find the energy to finish it if his condition doesn't improve. Look here for updates from RJ:

- Computers: We've played a lot of F.E.A.R multiplayer recently. Fantastic game. Mostly the players have been me, Jon and Rune. I had serious computer problems earlier this summer. One of my harddrives broke, so I had to reinstall all my programs (including XP). Also I bought 2 gigs of RAM.

July 14th 2006 : A few updates to the site (the book section, the studio section). Here's some more random updates:

- I just got some new Strat pickups. They are Lindy Fralins Vintage Hot with baseplate, and they also came with the Blender Pot. Luckily they came already fitted to a pickguard, so not much difficult soldering required. I just had to solder some grounding wires (to the jack for instance) and a few others. I did it yesterday. so I've not tested them much yet. So far I think they are fantastic and definetly an improvement to the US Standard pickups. The Blender pot give you a Telecaster tone by blending the neck and bridge pickup. Amazing.

- Got a great package from Platekompaniet today. Finally the Pulse DVD is here! I saw Roger Waters live a few weeks ago on Viking Stadium and that was fantastic too. Also I got the Thom Yorke solo CD, and I was surprised to find a free Thom Yorke promo t-shirt was included. Ed Harcourt's latest CD, The Beautiful Lie, sounds sublime. Highly recommended.

- On a different note, I once again missed the opportunity to see Woven Hand and David Eugene Edwards live. He played at Quart06 and my brother Rune was there. I had to work so I missed it. A serious bummer. I never got to see 16 Horsepower, but I will get another shot later I hope.

- I bought a Line6 Variax 500 some weeks ago. I have been wanting to test it for years, but it's not really possible without buying one. So I got a great deal on Sagevik (thanks Sigvards) and waited for a few weeks to get the Workbench software. When I got it I finally could update the models and try a bunch of different tunings. I think it's a great guitar and a very nice tool. I've already sold one guitar (Yamaha sgv800) and will probably sell my Takamine acoustic as well, since the Variax features some great acoustic models.

-Books: After I finished Book 6 of the Wheel of Time series I wanted to try something else. Actually I wanted to just continue with Book 7, but I realised I had to take the opportunity to check out some other stuff. My brother Rune recommended Robert Wilson's The blind man of Seville, and I agree that it's a great book. So now I've just started reading another book by the same author, A small death in Lisbon.

May 15th: Ah, good times. I finally got some equipment I ordered from Germany, so I got to put together the rack during the weekend. I'm very happy with the result. I've posted some pics in the Home Studio section (here). Also, I bought a Line6 Variax. I've been wanting to try one for years, and after some testing I'm pretty sure I'll keep it and sell a couple of guitars. Npw I'm waiting for Luthman to send me the Workbench software. Then I can update the firmware of the guitar and check out some alternate tunings.

March 19th 2006: The site is finally back after the long pause. Now I use SurfTown after Eurohost went bankrupt or something like that. At the moment I've just uploaded the old site, so there is not much new to read here.

November 29th '05 : I've been to a few concerts lately: Ane Brun (absolutely fantastic. Check out for a great show with good audio and video), Efterklang (pretty good. Went after my brother recommeded it. It was his favourite live show ever, and he has been to a lot of great shows.) and Kaizers Orchestra (another great show. Thomas Dybdahl sang backup vocals on "Bris")

October 9th '05: I was at a Magnet concert at Folken yesterday. It was phenomenal and was a great reminder of how many great songs Even Johansen has written. I haven't really listened to his new record that much, even though I've owned it for a while now. We are lucky to have 3 fantastic singer-songwriters in Norway. (Thomas Dybdahl, Ane Brun and Magnet). I don't believe that anyone's actually visiting this site, but if you are I recommend these artists. I also attended a Helldorado gig on Friday. It was OK, not really more than that. I really like their more dark, sinister and cinematic songs, like Dead River, but they have a bit too many fast rockers which are a bit too similarsounding for my taste.

I just found out that The Strokes has released a new single called Juicebox. You can listen to it here:

October 5th '05: I'm lazy! Not very many updates lately for sure. Since my last post I have bought some guitar gear. I bought a Boss OD-2r, a Korg A2 and a Digitech GSP2101, and coming to think of it, a Boss LS-2 Line Selector. All of them was second-hand and not too expensive. The Edge have used the OD-2 since the early 80's, and the A2/A3 since the recording of Achtung Baby. Great fun, but I have problems with my Pod XT. It will not start! Crap.

Other than that, my parents have celebrated their 50'eth birthdays. Congratulations!

August 24th '05: Last Friday was a great day. The Pulpit Music Festival hosted lots of great bands. Finally a music festival in Stavanger! Hopefully it has come to stay (and grow bigger). It's nothing compared to Quart and Øya, but still good. I arrived early at 16.30 to be certain to catch the first gig, Kaizers Orchestra. Their new album Maestro is absolutely fantastic. It was a short set since they had a real concert in Trondheim later that evening, but they played 4 new songs (Maestro, På ditt skift, Delikatessen, Blitzregn Baby) and Kontroll på Kontinentet. Helldorado was a highlight. Their americana/desert rock just rules, I stood just centimetres away from Bård Halsne and studied his great sound and playing. The Beautiful People is another great Norwegian band. I've seen the Norwegian Wood festival footage on, but they were even better than I thought. Great show.

Of course, I will not forget the headliners, Big Bang and Madrugada. I think I've seen both live twice before, but they always impress me. Nevertheless, my favourite moments were Suicide by The Beautiful People and Dead River by Helldorado.

Oh, I almost forgot! I've found the U2 concert from Valle Hovin on the web. I downloaded it from Not perfect quality, but pretty good for sure and a very nice thing to have available to help keep the memories fresh.

August 3rd '05 : My brother finally received the Italia Mondial Classic he ordered from France. See pics here and listen to the piezo into a mixer here. It's just me playing some random stuff. Rune is very happy now, it's been a long wait. It has dual outputs, one for the two Wilkinson humbuckers and one for the piezo. That way you can connect one cable to an amp and a second cable to a mixer for better acoustic sound.

July 29th '05: Finally U2 visited Norway for the first time since 1997! It was awesome. Words can't describe how perfect it was. I didn't bring a camera, but I've found some pictures taken by Løvik ( forum) and some other great guys. Here is a section with review, setlist and pictures.

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