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My Top5::
1. The Edge
2. David Gilmour
3. Tom Morello
4. Johnny Greenwood
5. Matt Bellamy
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My recordings These clips are from 2005-2008 ! Just for fun to try recording at home
Money Pink FloydMy first test of the Fender The Edge Signature Strat. Bridge pickup into. Axe FX 2 XL. 2016 Nov
On the turning away solo My first clip with the Axe-FX Ultra. Fender Strat USA with Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots pickups into Axe-FX. Direct recording using two amps in the Axe. Many years ago now
Bad (old clip) A bit out of tune. Sorry. Strat->Triad>Podxt pro->DL8000r in FX Loop. A one take clip with quite a few mistakes. Main delay from the DL8000r, but also a Podxt Digital Delay very low in the mix
Streets (clip) Also horribly out of tune. I have to record this again sometime. Strat->Triad->Podxt Pro->DL8000r in FX Loop. Triad is very low on this, so the clip doesn't do the great pedal justice.
Elevation (clip) Just a clip to show the Podxt patches I use for this song. I'm using my Ernie Ball volume pedal to control the Tone parameter of the Big Muff model on the Pod. For the intro that is. Very cool sound.
Lemon (clip) A clip to show how I use the Podxt and IPS33-b to play along to Edi's great backing track. Pod is Vox AC30 and a tremolo. IPS supplies the shimmer.
Sometimes you can't make it on your own (U2 cover) Variax>A2>IPS-33b>Podxt Pro with SDD2000 in FX loop. Units connected through a GCX with an old Ground Control. Guitar is Variax on the 12-string Rickenbacker setting. I also used the 1 oct up+dry patch on my IPS-33b. Mix 70 %. Podxt Pro: AC30, Tube screamer, Vintage plate reverb, bpm 96. This bpm suggests 312 ms delay, but I used my Sdd-2000 which is a bit off (used 326 ms). The shimmer was added as an afterthought, so I played 100%wet and panned it left. Download Pod preset.
Discotheque (New Mix from 'Best of') Strat w/Fralins>Keeley TS9>A2>IPS33b>PODxt Pro>Sdd-2000 in fx loop (parallell). Thought I'd give this a shot, but it was a struggle! The new mix from the Best Of CD is far from my favorite version of this song, but I don't have backingtracks for other versions. For instance, there is no 'superfuzz' in this version, and it's difficult to play. The IPS was used for shimmer and 'dry+1oct down' harmony on the main riff (40%). I used neck pickup for everything except chorus (bridge pickup). Zip file with Podxt presets by Jason.
Bad (U2 cover) I wanted to try dual delays, something I've not used before. Strat>PODxt Pro>Sdd-2000 in fx loop. Sdd2k: With Edi's backing (104 bpm) the correct dotted eight is 433, but I think my unit is one of those with the timing issues. So I used 450ms. On the Pod I used Lyle's AC Clean preset. Turned down the reverb a bit, added a tubescreamer (I think) and tweaked the delay a bit. (Analog with mod. 288ms. Feedback:35. Mix:37).
Killing in the name (RATM cover) I used the Tele model on the Variax with a Drop D tuning made in Workbench. PODxt Pro for amp modelling and IPS33b for whammy.
Until the end of the world (U2 cover)

Another U2 cover with a brilliant backingtrack by Edi. Much better than my playing. Used capo on third fret on my Epiphone Les Paul. Tubescreamer on the DM4 into Vox AC30TB on the ToneLab. Many different presets and tweaks during the song. Recorded in Cubase. Not very good, but it was fun.

Vertigo (U2 cover)

Backingtrack by Edi. Used Classic Distortion (ProCo Rat) on the Line6 DM4 into a Vox ToneLab. Amp model: Fender Tweed 1x12. Recorded in Cubase SX. US Fender Stratocaster bridge, and sometimes middle pickup. Pretty much first time I used the DM4 and ToneLab, so I'm sure I could improve the sound with more practise. I just wish I had a real delay unit.

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