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My Top5::
1. The Edge
2. David Gilmour
3. Tom Morello
4. Johnny Greenwood
5. Matt Bellamy
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My pedals  

Current pedals January 2014

dts sdd3kp

Gear sold in 2012: POD HD500 and Eventide Time Factor Delay

OLD (not current setup):
Here are a few pics of my current floor pedals and controllers. I'm not using the pedals on top of the rack any more, instead I'm using the effects in the AXE-FX Ultra. At the moment I like to use the Whammy 4 and DM4 though. Who knows how long the Whammy will stay.
From left to right:

Rocktron All Access midi controller *SOLD*
Rocktron HEX expression pedal
Ernie Ball VP jr expression pedal
Digitech Whammy-4
Line6 DM4

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