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1. The Edge
2. David Gilmour
3. Tom Morello
4. Johnny Greenwood
5. Matt Bellamy
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My Explorer
Model: Epiphone Korina Explorer
Pickups: 1 Seymour Duncan Seth Lover bridge and stock Epi neck.
Year: 200x
Neck: Rosewood
Finish: Korina

I bought this used/second hand during the summer of 2006. I got a very nice price from Hanz Panzer (Skambankt). NOK3500 for a mint guitar with gig bag and a very nice Gibson 490T bridge pickup. That's $520. I swapped the bridge for a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover in December 2008 (NOK 750 incl. shipping)

It's surprisingly nice to play considering the strange shape of the body. I noticed right away that it had a great tone for early U2 material. I think the Epiphone Les Paul has better low end though. I really like it and I'm sure I will keep it.

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