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My Stratocaster
Model: Fender USA Standard Stratocaster
Pickups: 3 Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot with baseplate and Blender Pot.
Year: 2004/2005
Neck: Rosewood
Finish: 3-color sunburst
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The stock pickups were OK, but after reading a lot on the web about different pickups I wanted to try something better. First I bought some Fender '62 Vintage Reissue pickups. But before I got around to install them I found a great deal on 3 Lindy Fralins that were already fitted to a nice pickguard with the 'blender pot' installed.

With the blender pot the first Tone control works for all the pickups, and the second Tone control is used to blend the pickups in many different ways. The most distinct and useable option is to blend the neck and bridge to get something similar to a Tele tone. I only paid NOK1500/$225 for all this, and I only had to solder a few 'things'. I'm very happy with my Strat!

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