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My Stratocaster
Model: Fender Highway1 Stratocaster
Pickups: 3 Suhr V60LP single coils
Year: 2004/2005 (neck)
Neck: American Standard Rosewood Strat neck
Finish: Sunburst
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My 3rd Strat. I bought it used on musikkweb for NOK4500. It's a Highway1 body with upgraded neck and pickups, both done by the previous owner. The neck is a '04-'05 American Standard neck, the same type that I have on my 2 other Strats. The pickups are Suhr V60LP single coils. First impression is that this is a fantastic sounding guitar.

The previous owner thought he'd make the contour thing a bit more comfortable, and that is fine by me. It doesn't matter to me at all, and it did lower the price significantly.


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