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My Tele
Model: Fender American Standard Telecaster
Pickups: Stock
Year: 2006 60th Anniversary
Neck: Rosewood
Finish: Honey blonde
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I bought a Tele again in May '09. I didn't really look for one but I found a nice deal on NOK 6500 for a good as new 2006 USA Tele is a great deal. I like this one better than the pretty much identical I had for a few months a few years ago. That one had maple neck instead of rosewood, ash body and was a few years older.

It's a bit funny that I got another rosewood guitar. I do think that maple looks a bit better on Teles and even Strats, but I decided long ago that I don't say no to a great deal because of the neck type. So now I have 3 Strats and 1 Tele and all have rosewood necks.


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