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My Top5::
1. The Edge
2. David Gilmour
3. Tom Morello
4. Johnny Greenwood
5. Matt Bellamy
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My Variax
Model: Line6 Variax 500
Pickups: Not applicable. Variax system.
Year: 200x
Neck: Rosewood
Finish: Sunburst

I've been wanting to try one for years. I finally took the plunge during the summer of 2006, when I got a good deal at Sagevik Musikk. With the Workbench you can use all the tunings and types of guitars, and save them in the guitar. This is actually the guitar I use the most. One reason is that I'm lazy, and this gives me Strat/Les Paul/acoustic/Tele/Rickenbacker at the flick of a switch. I also always have the different tunings available without having to touch the tuners. Mostly I use Standard, Drop D and Eb tuning.

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